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Rapid Review Service

A Book Review Service For Authors - Receive A Professional Book Review Of Your Work Within 15 Days.

How Our Rapid Book Review Service Works

The Rapid Review Service is our most popular service. It was introduced in response to the sheer volume of submissions received for our Standard Review Service. As evidenced by our database of over 6,000 reviews, we maintain a strong commitment to the authors who entrust us with their work.

Rapid Review is a unique service, which allows authors to spread the word within days of submitting their publication to Within 15 days of receiving your work:

  • The Rapid Review Manager matches and assigns your book to a professional reviewer who is qualified, knowledgeable, and interested in the subject matter.
  • The reviewer reads and critiques your work. He or she composes the review, which is promptly submitted to you.
  • Your review is posted on the website indefinitely. Founded in 1997, is one of the oldest independent book review sites on the web, operating continuously for the last 14 years.
  • Your review may include up to two links, directing readers to your "Official Author Website," or your own book sales page. Inbound links to your site raise your ranking in search engine results.
  • Your book becomes a Featured Review on the front page of for one month.
  • Our team will post your review at and Barnes & upon your request.

You are free to use the content of our review to promote your work in any way you see fit. Quotes from our reviews are commonly seen on the covers of books, used as the "Editorial Review" at, in mailers, marketing materials, and in promotional campaigns.

How much is the service and how do I pay for it?
The Rapid Review fee is $149. Upon acceptance into the Rapid Review Service, forms of payment accepted are:

  1. Credit/Debit card from this page. This is the preferred method.
  2. If you cannot use the method above, please let the Rapid Review Manager know that you would like to send a Check or money order. Unfortunately, checks drawn on non-US banks cannot be accepted (with apologies to our Canadian customers). A non-US customer who cannot use the credit card method above can still send in an International money order.

Does ordering a Rapid Review guarantee a positive review?
No. Our professional reviewers are honest and fair. The reviews reflect the actual opinion of the reader.

Will anyone know I’ve paid a premium?
There is no difference in the way Standard and Rapid Reviews appear in our database. Rapid Reviews are posted just like every other review on While Rapid Reviews include additional benefits (including a guaranteed time frame, a professional book reviewer, and having your work featured on our front page), that you’ve paid to expedite service is not reflected in any way.

What formats do you accept?
We accept books in various stages of production (finished books, galleys, prepublication manuscripts, etc.), and while we prefer hard copy, we can also accept electronic formats (Ebooks, PDF’s, etc). Our Rapid Review Manager will help you determine the best format for submission if more than one format is available.

How do I begin?
Simply click here to fill out our fast & easy Rapid Review contact form and our Rapid Review Manager will contact you shortly. If your book is accepted for our Rapid Review Service, you will be provided with mailing information. Please note that your email must be entered carefully and accurately or we will be unable to contact you.

Feel free to contact Rapid Review Manager Douglas Malcolm directly if you have any questions that are not addressed here.

Rapid Review contact form.

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