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Hot Illustrations for Youth Talks
by Wayne Rice
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Reviewed by: John L. Hoh, Jr.

If you do any public speaking, you know that illustrations are significant. An illustration is used to link a concept with your audience's experience. Jesus often used illustrations to explain the kingdom of God: sheep, shepherds, vineyards, workers, and the like.

Pastors also struggle with good illustrations in their sermons. For a pastor also needs to transmit heavenly ideas to an earthly audience.

This title was obviously chosen to target a certain audience-those working with youth. However, I feel that they shortchanged their target audience. I would say anyone who does speaking, especially pastors, can use these illustrations for more than just youth.

Illustrations are grouped by title, topic, and by Scripture. Preaching on a difficult text in Scripture? Look for that verse (or one comparable if it's not listed) and you have an illustration to use.

Once you have selected an illustration, you have an anecdote. Many of these anecdotes I have received in daily e-mail newsletters and have saved (although they are not saved in an organized manner such as this CD is). After the anecdote is a section called "Where to Take It from Here..." which gives a brief usage of the anecdote. Here is where the title is oriented to youth.

You may or may not agree with the Where to Take It from Here... portions, but at least you can get an idea of what to do or how to use an illustration. I find that just having these illustrations collected and organized is a great time saver and help in my writing for public speaking.

Purchase Hot Illustrations for Youth Talks from
Paperback   |   CD  

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