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Love Someone Today: Encouragement and Inspiration for the Times of Our Lives
by Delilah NoLastName , Dave Newton
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Reviewed by: John L. Hoh, Jr.

One day, several years ago, I was driving back to Milwaukee from Mauston. There are areas where radio reception is "take what you can get." At one point, I pulled in a station that featured a syndicated show called Delilah. With a perky voice, a laugh, and a few giggles, this lady takes calls from listeners who ask for a special song for a special somebody. It was quite uplifting.

Recently, in driving to and from Indianapolis with my wife we again pulled in a station playing Delilah. My wife has become hooked on it and has found a station in Milwaukee (Light 97.3) that plays Delilah every evening.

One day, while in the local bookstore that also sells used books, I came across this volume. I thought my wife would like it so I paid the few dollars they were asking for it and surprised her with this gift. She has enjoyed it.

Eventually I decided to read it. And it is a very interesting book.

The layout of chapters follows Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 (if you don't know this particular passage, think The Byrds and their classic "Turn, Turn, Turn." Delilah was also kind enough to include the passage at the front of her book). She divides the chapters up for each "time," beginning with "A Time to be Born." The book is subtitled "Encouragement and Inspiration for the Times of Our Lives."

But the book isn't autobiographical as it is an extension of her show. You won't get a chronology of her life here. In "A Time to be Born" she talks about her "Kissy Baby" she had as a child and her prayer that the doll become real. She then seques into giving birth to her own children and the different reactions she had to each conception and birth (my contention in being pro-life is that a woman who has had more than one child has different memories of each pregnancy and each child was different in the womb. If the "fetus" were just an extension of the mother's body, I don't believe these differences would exist).

She follows that with "A Time to Die," just as Ecclesiastes does. It might seem strange in its order, but this book pulls it off wonderfully. The mourning of the loss of life stands in stark contrast to the giving of birth.

Not every "time" in Ecclesiastes is used. Delilah does not include "A time to kill, and a time to heal," even though this could be personal growth. "A time for war and a time of peace" might not be politically correct, but is very relevant today. There are others not used--maybe Delilah will bless us with a follow-up volume?

Not to say that she can't. Delilah has used listener stories in her book as a connection between her, her audience, and her readers. She also concludes each chapter with an original poem to display her skills as a poetess. And in the last few months in this year 2003 many military families have called Delilah's show and shared their stories and hopes and fears. So, Delilah, can we see a completion of Ecclesiastes sometime soon?

I would recommend this book for Mothers' Day or as a gift for someone special. My wife has read it several times now.

Purchase Love Someone Today: Encouragement and Inspiration for the Times of Our Lives from

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