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Hans Holzer's the Supernatural: Explaining the Unexplained
by Hans Holzer
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Reviewed by: Marie Jones

If you are one of the many people intruiged by the paranormal, you may want to pick up a copy of Hans Holzer's new book, The Supernatural: Explaining the Unexplained. This book is chock full of research, insight and information on a variety of unusual phenomena, from prophecy and ghost sightings to out of the body travel, vampires and demons, to people who claim to hear voices from beyond.

Dr. Hans Holzer has authored over 100 books and spent three decades scientifically studying and analyzing the unknown, and his expertise is quite apparent in this book. He takes events and situations we might describe as supernatural, and explains them in natural terms that the rational mind can accept and understand, thus taking the fear and misunderstanding out of such phenomena as hauntings and apparitions of the dead. In fact, he was one of the main investigators working on the notorious and world famous Amityville hauntings that inspired the movie The Amityville Horror. He also wrote and produced several segments for the wonderful TV series "In Search Of…" and the tone of this book reminds me of that fascinating, and favorite, program!

Using dozens of examples of his own research, as well as bits and pieces of investigations he has conducted with some of today's top psychics and mediums, Dr. Holzer offers a plethora of interesting and exciting glimpses into the world we often label as the supernatural, all the while keeping us grounded in the real, provable world of modern science. He spends a great deal of time on psychic phenomena and ghostly apparitions, and one of my major disappointments of this book is that he barely touches on other subjects such as UFOs, alien abductions and cryptozoology. Still, we can hope he covers those subjects in a future book, because we all know that the supernatural world is far too big and expansive to really cover in just one book.

I think The Supernatural: Explaining the Unexplained. Dr. Holzer is perfectly suited to someone new to the subject of parapsychology rather than someone like myself, already well-grounded in the subject matter, who may want a much more detailed treatment. But I really did enjoy reading the fascinating sessions Dr. Holzer was witness to with many psychics and also was entranced reading the many personal experiences he has had with witnesses of such phenomena as ghosts, past life recall and hearing voices of the departed. These parts of the book are the kind you will want to show to a friend and say, "This is so weird, check this out!" And THAT is how good word of mouth is spread for any book, so Dr. Holzer has his bases covered with the "wow" factor! I have already paper-clipped about twenty pages to show my mom, who also loves all things "unusual" and "paranormal."

I do recommend The Supernatural: Explaining the Unexplained, but again mainly for people who want a quick and exciting overview of the modern research being done into parapsychology and associated topics. If you want more meat, or perhaps more subject matter covered, such as UFOs, alien abductions and strange creatures like Bigfoot, you may have to read additional books to get it, including I would imagine many of Dr. Holzer's past works. But as a basic primer, this book does the trick, and no pun intended, is quite a treat for anyone who wants a better understanding of the world beyond our five senses.

Purchase Hans Holzer's the Supernatural: Explaining the Unexplained from

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