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Being Human: Exploring the Forces That Shape Us and Awaken an Inner Life
by Solihin Thom , Alexandra Ter Horst, Alicia Thom
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Reviewed by: Marie Jones

What does it mean to be human? Authors Solihin and Alicia Thom, and Alexandra ter Horst invite us on a journey of discovery in their book Being Human, published by Ad Humanitas Press, a journey that will take us deeper within to where the truth of who we are exists. By examining the life forces at play within us, the authors tell us that we can not only understand ourselves better, but become more self-actualized, fulfilled human beings. The life forces that they claim shape us consist of the material, the vegetative, the animal and the human forces, and this book describes each force in full detail, and how it works in our lives in either positive or negative ways.

Using their own personal experiences, as well as their combined years of spiritual training and research, the authors present tools and techniques for getting to know these forces and how they operate in our lives through habits and patterns of belief and behavior, as well as how we can alter our beliefs and behaviors to better suit our life's journey and get us to where we want to be, and who we want to be.

The lovely quotes and poems add to the thought-provoking and inspiring prose and anecdotes, making Being Human a comprehensive field guide to self-knowledge. The chapter-by-chapter explanations of the life forces, and how we allow them to shape us, add to our understanding of why we do the things we do even when we don't want to do them, and how we can create lasting change for the better. There is even a wonderful intuitive card game, The Order of the Forces, at the end of the book that can help the reader understand which forces they are in touch with, or even more importantly, out of touch with.

Ultimately, this book is about more than just Being Human. It is about coming to better know ourselves so that we can better know the Great Life Force, the Creator. By using the suggestions, ideas and tools in this enlightening book, the reader can find new and powerful ways to connect with their Creator and allow their actions to be dictated and guided by their inner self.

Finding our true voice in the world is the lesson this book succeeds in teaching, and I highly recommend it to any spiritual seeker eager to find their life purpose and live fully actualized.

Purchase Being Human: Exploring the Forces That Shape Us and Awaken an Inner Life from

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