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Ruby's Wish
by Shirin Yim Bridges , Sophie Blackall
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Reviewed by: Marie Jones

From the moment you open up the big, bold red cover of Ruby's Wish you feel as though you have entered another world. In this delightful and charming book, written by first-time author Shirin Yim Bridges and inspired by her own grandmother's life, the world is a certain road in a certain city of Old China, the world where a little girl named Ruby lives and dreams.

This inspiring story tells the tale of Ruby's quest to grow up and fulfill her potential in a society that did not allow females the same dreams of achievement that males were allowed. In fact, in most Chinese families, boys were treated as more important than girls. But Ruby is a special girl, with an independent streak and a lot of loving support, and with her family behind her, she rises above societal expectations and limitations and achieves her dream of being accepted at university.

This moving children's book will motivate and inspire young girls to be all they can be, but it is also a wonderful tale for all children, male or female, about the importance of believing in yourself and having the love and support of family. The gorgeous watercolor illustrations of Australian illustrator Sophie Blackall are simply stunning and add to the boldly colorful, yet delicate beauty of this book. I highly recommend it for children of all ages.

Purchase Ruby's Wish from
Hardcover   |   Paperback  

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