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The Race: Life's Greatest Lesson
by Dee Groberg , Mac Anderson
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Reviewed by: Marie Jones

The Race - Life's Greatest Lesson by Dee Groberg is such a deceptively simple book that its profound message is all the more powerful when you finally close the cover and set it down. What at first appears to be a simple story about a boy in a race ends in a deeply moving and inspiring life lesson about courage, confidence, persistance and faith.

Beautifully packaged as a gift book, with magnificent photographs and images that move the story forward and add to its impact, this treasure of a book tells, in rhyming verse, the story of a man remembering a very crucial race in his young life; a race that taught him the most powerful lesson of all. The lesson of the boy who wanted so badly to prove himself to his father by winning the race. The lesson of a boy who, despite falling several times and falling behind so much that victory was elusive, got back up each time and kept on running.

The lesson of a boy who finally realized, with his father's help, that winning is not about coming in first, but about finishing the race against all odds.

I was moved to tears by the lovely, yet powerful verse, remembering times in my own life when I stumbled and fell and heard the voices telling me I was a failure. Like the boy in this story, I recalled wanting to make someone proud, only to find out that my trying was what made them proud, not my winning. This is the perfect gift book for yourself, when you need a boost of faith and inspiration, or for a friend or family member struggling to keep on going through a tough time.

The Race touches the heart, uplifts the spirit and moves the soul. It is a story for everyone, about everyone. It is the kind of book you will pick up again and again and treasure every time.

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