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Life Lines: Inspiration, Insight, and Wisdom for Daily Living
by Dave Meyer
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Reviewed by: Marie Jones

Many Christians know of the amazing author and Bible teacher, Joyce Meyer, but few know that her husband, Dave, also writes a book every now and then, when he is not busy being VP of Joyce Meyers Ministries.

Now he offers up a powerful collection of wise and inspiring nuggets of insight in this beautiful book, Life Lines, featuring Bible quotes and brief, but moving, essays and anecdotes on such subjects as love, forgiveness, character, living a life in Christ, having faith, putting grace back into your daily life, getting through difficult situations and counting on God. Each page offers wonderful advice and information on how to live a better life as a Christian, and does so with warmth and understanding.

Joyce Meyer loves to refer to her husband's writings as "Dave's Nuggets," and this book proves that each page is indeed a goldmine of hope, encouragement and inspiration, for anyone seeking to live a better life and walk their talk. The writing is never preachy, rather it is like a friend reaching out to a friend in need, offering hope and help and loving reminders of just how much we mean to God, and how much power we have to live fully and joyfully when we realize that. "Life Lines" would make a beautiful gift for a friend, or for yourself, to remind you how to be in the world, but not of it, and how to lean on God for those times when the world succeeds at getting you down.

Life Lines is the kind of book that would be great to read from each morning upon rising, or at night before drifting off to sleep. With all its wisdom, insight and sheer common sense, it is the perfect daily companion for the spirit.

Purchase Life Lines: Inspiration, Insight, and Wisdom for Daily Living from

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