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Rhinos Who Snowboard
by Julie Mammano
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Reviewed by: Marie Jones

Gnarly, dudes and dudettes! Finally a book about snowboarding for kids that uses the real lingo of snowboarders, and tells the hilarious tale of some bold and sporty rhinos hitting the snow for some major phat action! This crazy-cool follow up to the author's funky-fun Rhinos Who Surf now has our fearless friends grabbing their boards in pursuit of the perfect snow hill!

Using totally rad snowboard lingo and colorful illustrations sure to enchant readers of all ages, the author, a freelance artist and snowboarder herself, takes kids right into the world of snowboarding, with rhinos getting stoked to the max as they ride the powder on their boards, launching major backflips and doing their best stiffy tailgrabs over insane gaps. And the best thing of all about this truly unique and giggle-inspiring book is the Board Speak glossary in the back, which allows even the most uncool among us to understand the meaning of slang phrases such as "poser" - a pretend snowboarder; "totally aggro" - fearless; and "bonk" - to hit an object on purpose for style.

Rhinos Who Snowboard made me and my three-year-old son laugh out loud, with the wintery wackiness of rhinos jumping snow hills and the "epic" lingo. What a "major" and totally "gnarly" tale! I have no doubt both of our vocabularies have been expanded, and we are now convinced that even rhinos can be more than fat, they can be "phat" (really big, high or great).

Purchase Rhinos Who Snowboard from
Hardcover   |   Paperback  

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