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Let's Count
by Pauline Guy , Jerry Pierre-louis
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Reviewed by: Liliane Goldman

Even before children will listen to Pauline Guy's charming rhymes of Let's Count they will be attracted to the handsomely designed jacket displaying numbers 5 - 7 - 8 and 1 as well as to the whimsical counting daisies on the flaps. Pauline Guy's rhymes will linger in the minds of young readers and listeners. They are engaging and amusing such as for example: "7 tiny kittens having fun" and "8 huge gorillas in the sun". The author must have had a lot of merriment putting these rhymes together.

Jerry Pierre-Louis's illustrations ooze personality. The numbers and pictures are a superb fit. Using a limited palette of blues, reds, greens and brown, his cartoon-like characters wink at you with their mischievous expressions. It is unfortunate that Jerry Pierre-Louis' name does not appear on the front cover but very discreetly in the inside generic.

Children will love to colour the black and white drawings on the last pages of Let's Count. This educational book will appeal to both young readers and their parents.

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