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The Alphabet Dance
by Pauline Guy
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Reviewed by: Liliane Goldman

Tap, tap, tap! Let the show begin! Pauline Guy and Jerry Pierre-Louis have put on a real performance with The Alphabet Dance. Geared for ages 1 and up, the letters leap off the pages.

Solos, duets, and group dancing exploit the drama of the turning page.

Colours go to the beat of a marching band! Green A is dancing with a red apple, Red F with green Frog, Qs dance for their king and queen, ABCXYZ hop on the colourful train, U is dancing in the rain with its umbrella and Y is yo-yoing with a rainbow lollipop. And a lively chorus sings its finale with the zebras.

Colourful contorting letters with eyes, hands and feet should captivate young audiences, thus making The Alphabet Dance a terrific educational tool.

Tykes will particularly like to colour the black and white drawings on the last two pages.

The only negative comment I have is that I would have liked to have seen the illustrator's name on the cover of the book along with the name of the author.

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