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I Made It Myself! Christmas: 38 Festive Crafts and Recipes
by Nickelodeon Channel
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Reviewed by: Marie Jones

The holidays are almost upon us, so what better time to plan some fun cooking and craft activities for the whole family to enjoy. Nick Jr. presents I Made It Myself! Christmas - 38 Festive Crafts and Recipes, a wonderful and totally interactive book that gives kids that hands-on holiday fun that brings families together over the kitchen table.

Filled with simple, homemade gifts the kids can make such as ornaments, gift tags and cards, I Made It Myself! Christmas takes the focus off of store-bought materialism and puts it back on where it belongs - making things that come from the heart. There are stickers and stencils and all the things a child needs to make the holiday season personalized.

Also included are delightful recipes for a Candy Land House, warm wintery cider and hot chocolate, and other yummy treats kids will love to make, and to eat! Throughout the book, all of kids favorite Nick Jr. characters appear to greet your child, and the directions are easy to understand and put into action with even minimal parental supervision.

But the whole idea of this Nick Jr. book is to give children a way to express themselves and create from scratch and open them up to the pleasure of doing things with their own hands. And the fact that these activities can be done alone, with siblings, or with the whole family makes the experience even richer and more memorable. For what could be better than hearing a child sing out with joy, "I made it myself!"

Purchase I Made It Myself! Christmas: 38 Festive Crafts and Recipes from

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