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The Littlest Magi
by Chris Auer
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Reviewed by: John L. Hoh, Jr.

Jacob is an orphan who works in Herod's palace. He is also the smallest. He yearns for arms to hold him and love him. But instead, he is teased for his smell, since it is his job to take out the king's garbage.

Jacob also knows Herod's palace very well. He knows where to hide and the various secret alleys. One night he goes up into a tower and looks up into the sky. He sees a bright star and stands amazed at it. He also thinks he hears singing in the distance.

The next day Jacob is about to be beaten by the cook. But Jacob knows how and where to hide. He ends up in the rafters above the throne room. And what he over hears amazes him. Three wise men are asking Herod about a new king whose star they have seen! And Herod is not in a good mood over this.

Jacob becomes a stowaway with the Magi and visits the new baby king-not as grand as Jacob expected, but a king he can relate to. Soon the Magi return to the east via a route different from Jerusalem. Jacob returns to Herod's palace.

But Jacob finds out about Herod's plan to rid Bethlehem of the child king. So Jacob sneaks out and runs to Bethlehem to alert Joseph and Mary. Then, he helps them get to Egypt. From there Joseph sends him with a trading caravan to Nazareth, since Herod's palace likely won't be safe for Jacob.

Matthew enjoyed this book and the illustrations it contained.

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