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I'm Becoming My Mother
by Anne Taintor
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Reviewed by: Marie Jones

If you are a mother, have a mother, are going to be a mother, or just plain like mothers, then I'm Becoming My Mother is a must-read! This laugh-out-loud collection of hilarious nostalgia pictures and accompanying quotes will have you screaming with laughter, and recognition.

Anne Taintor has done another fantastic collection of "saucy, sassy" artwork that rings of 1950's nostalgic perfection, but it is her witty, and even sassier sayings that make the pictures come to new life, and will have you howling! The sweet photos of the perfect moms make us long for those good old days, until we realize that things were not always what they seemed. For these mothers are anything but sweet and perfect beneath the glossy exterior!

There is a lovely mom standing before a fully stocked frig asking "Guess where I'm tattooed" and a pink-dressed mother smiling down at her son as she says "Of course we're functional, honey...but more important, we're funky." And there's the doe-eyed missus who stares longingly at us from the page, asking "more medication please."

Each image is filled with color and reminiscent of the days when moms knew their place, mainly in the kitchen. Well, sort of, as the lovely mom in a red dress stands before her frig, holding a plate of leftovers and smiling sweetly as she says, "Bite me." Children were wide-eyed innocents, or were they - as the little girl eating her ice cream cone who says "Vanilla has no edge." The sarcasm drips off each page, and you will certainly, after flipping through this humor book, gain a whole new perspective of your mom. Was she really enjoying herself, cooking and cleaning and making nice? Was she really happy just shopping and dusting and changing diapers?

The most telling answer just might be the picture of a happy, satisfied, homebody mom opening a window, and saying to herself, "Escape."

I'm Becoming My Mother is the perfect Mother's Day gift for anyone you know with a mom, or who is a mom herself. It will make their day!

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