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Mom, How Do I Know If...i'm Normal?
by Sue Tryba , Steve LaVergne
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Reviewed by: John L. Hoh, Jr.

What is "normal?" And how does a child know that he or she is "normal?"

This small book takes the reader through a discussion of "normal." Of course, along the way normal is seen as a relative thing. What is normal for a four-year-old is not always normal for a 40-year-old. Normal also changes when one gets married or has a child.

This book was inspired by Ms. Tryba's "wonderful, lovable, inquisitive, and perfectly normal grandson, Matthew." Is this coincidence? I have a son named Matthew who displays the same qualities. Must be the name. Anyway, thanks, Sue, for reassuring me that my Matthew is also "normal."

Purchase Mom, How Do I Know If...i'm Normal? from

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