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Magnabumble's Big Bumble (Knight Lights, Volume 1)
by Mike Sears , Ed Baker
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Reviewed by: John L. Hoh, Jr.

The Knight Lights are a group of tiny knights, riding Shetland ponies, who live in castle Lindenberry. Well, OK, it's not a castle, but the Cursing Castle of Netheretherland once stood there a long, long, long, long, LONG time ago. The Knight Lights remain to protect the inhabitants, in this case the Lindenberrys-Oliver (age 7 ¾), Theo (age 10), and Mr. And Mrs. Lindenberry (very old).

Oliver, it seems, is a good kid. Even though he usually has done something to Theo's doll. In this volume he pulled out the doll's arms and replaced them with pickles. But, we are told, the tale is not about Oliver but about the Knight Lights.

Of course things happen on the Knight Lights' watch. Strange things that Oliver cannot explain and are mysteries that Mom and Dad do not find very funny. The Knight Lights also have to contend with the Lindenberry's cat, Clea, and dog, Ranger.

This volume has a Mess-O-Meter. This Mess-O-Meter keeps track of how messy Oliver's room is. Of course, remember, this isn't about Oliver but about the Knight Lights. Watch how the Mess-O-Meter goes from CLEAN ("You deserve ice cream") to TOTAL PIG.

In this volume Oliver has lost a tooth and the tooth fairy comes. Well, she comes and gets the tooth but is unable to leave a treasure because Sir Magnabumble (the name says it all-poor eyesight and all) believes he is fighting off an intruder. Well, don't be too harsh on Sir Magnabumble. He has seen many fairies in his life, but never had he seen Enamelie the Tooth Fairy.

The Knight Lights now have a quest-to get Enamelie to return to bestow upon Oliver the reward for his tooth. But how? Aha! Get one of Theo's dolls, dress it in one of Oliver's shirts, and place a fake tooth made from soap (Ivory?) under its head. Of course Enamelie is no dummy and when she returns she discovers the ruse and is even madder than she was when she was ambushed by Sir Magnabumble.

So how does Oliver get his reward? And how mad was Enamelie? And what did she do after she left Castle Lindenberry? And what mess was found the next morning that Oliver couldn't explain that Mom and Dad did not find very funny?

The books take time to explain terms along the way. And if you don't know the legend of the Knight Lights and how they got their commission, the book stops in midstream to bring the reader up to date. It seems that each volume adds new details to the legend as is needed for each tale.

The book is aimed age children ages 7 to 10. I would say boys would enjoy these books more than girls, but I'm sure that there are girls who will enjoy these books as well.

Purchase Magnabumble's Big Bumble (Knight Lights, Volume 1) from
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