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Mom, How Do I Know If...A Secret Should Not be Kept a Secret?
by Sue Tryba , Steve La Vergne
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Reviewed by: John L. Hoh, Jr.

Author Sue Tryba has published another book on an issue important for children-knowing when a secret should be kept and when it should be made known.

At first glance I was thinking of more dire things that can happen to children. Molesters often tell victims that if he/she says anything, no one will believe the victim. But fear not. The subject isn't that dark.

The main character, Matt, is planning on going camping with a friend. But suddenly Matt doesn't seem too excited about the adventure. It seems Matt's camping buddy, Thomas, had shown Matt some matches and flammables with the "intent" to scare away wild animals. But you see, Matt knows this is a secret and he's unsure if he should tell his mother.

Mother has this advice for Matt. There are three important things to ask yourself about a secret: Will it hurt, will it harm, or will it make happy? Now, the first two may seem similar, but the first is with feelings while the second could entail bodily harm.

This book not only instructs children about secrets, it also has a message for parents. I found it refreshing that mom could understand Matt's conflicted feelings about secrets and does her own sleuthing using the clues she finds. A simple call to Thomas' mother about rechecking Thomas' bag to ensure all that is needed is packed helps to keep a secret but ensure no one is hurt. In the end a solution is found to "keep a secret," assuage any fears the boys had about "wild animals," and yet there was still an outlet for fun.

No age range is published, but ages 4 to 10 can appreciate the message, even if the book is read to the child. Parents can also discuss secrets with their children.

Purchase Mom, How Do I Know If...A Secret Should Not be Kept a Secret? from

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