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The Bartenders Beer Cookbook
by Paul E Barbano
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Reviewed by: John L. Hoh, Jr.

This book, "A Guide to Cooking with Beer," gets the weekend connoisseur out of the "brats in beer" or "can of beer in a chicken/turkey butt" mode of cooking. The title grammar notwithstanding (shouldn't "bartenders" be "bartender's?"), this book expands the repertoire of beer and cooking.

There are simple recipes, like "Burgers with Beer." This isn't soaking hamburger in beer, as one would do with bratwurst. This is mixing ground beef as you would for burgers, but adding beer then grilling the patties. There is "Bock Bock Bock Chicken," which indicates the author not only loves beer and food but wordplay as well. Yes, that beer can in a chicken butt is included.

There are also pancakes with beer recipes-several of them. Would that be for breakfast? And if so, would Johnny Cash sing "and the beer pancake I had for breakfast wasn't bad so I had one more for desert"? There are also several bread recipes using beer (which I have tried and love; my neighbor likes these breads for roast beef sandwiches).

And if the aspiring gourmet wants to try new recipes, there are more advanced recipes as well such as braised ribs and trout in beer sauce. Recipes for beer marinades are found. And there are the new concepts such as beer pizza crust, beer with chocolates, and pies and cakes using beer. I'll have to have a few beers to try some of those newer concepts.

The reader-cook-chef is also directed on the appropriate beer for each recipe-and sometimes why that particular beer is best for that recipe. The few recipes I've tried so far have been excellent and I will try many more.

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