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Mia's Story: A Sketchbook of Hopes & Dreams
by Michael Foreman
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Reviewed by: John L. Hoh, Jr.

In some areas of America people go "dumpster diving." Yep, I'm guilty as charged. It is amazing what people throw away.

This book, set in Chile, features a girl named Mia whose family lives in a wasteland, or dump. It is based on a family the author met on a trip to Chile. But the family didn't feel downtrodden. The family scavenged the trash and recycled it, often selling it to others.

Mia lives with her father, who sells trash in the city. He fixes up things that can be resold. Sometimes he sells things and returns happily home with money. At other times he sells nothing and returns home sad. Either way, Mia meets him every evening.

One day papa returns with a puppy which Mia names Poco. Poco is a true friend and follows Mia and licks her face. He even waits at the school for her to finish classes.

One day Poco is missing. Mia asks if anyone has seen Poco. She is told he may have run off with a pack of dogs. So Mia saddles up her horse, Sancho, to look for Poco. Soon she is in the mountains with the snow. She has never seen such a pristine place and luxuriates in it. The stars soon come out and Mia must return home. Along the way Sancho sees flowers and Mia enjoys them and pulls some up, roots and all. The next day she plants them and eventually they produce seeds and the wind blows the seeds. The new flowers-they look like Easter lilies-are spread throughout the dump.

One day Mia wants to take flowers to sell in town with Papa. The flowers are so popular that soon Papa abandons his junk sales to help sell flowers.

Now maybe Mia and Papa will be able to realize their dream of a brick house.

Children will love the story of hopes and dreams found in this book.

Purchase Mia's Story: A Sketchbook of Hopes & Dreams from
Hardcover   |   Paperback  

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