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Tacky the Penguin
by Helen Lester , Lynn Munsinger
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Reviewed by: Heather Froeschl

Tacky is one original penguin who happens to live among a pack of those named: Goodly, Lovely, Angel, Neatly and Perfect. Tacky marches to his own beat, does cannonballs instead of fluid dives and sings his own unique songs in a loud, boisterous voice.

When hunters come looking to capture a few perfect penguins to sell, Tacky stands up to them and demonstrates his perky penguin ways. The hunters wonder if this is how all the local penguins act, and run away to search elsewhere for their riches.

This book shouts to the reader that being different is okay and in Tacky's case, it is downright heroic. It's a fun story that clearly shows there are advantages to being an individual.

Purchase Tacky the Penguin from
Hardcover   |   Paperback  

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