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The Marriage Medics
by Cynthia Cooper, PhD , Scott Lorenz
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Reviewed by: John L. Hoh, Jr.

The book is subtitled, "Five Experts Show You How to Strengthen Your Marriage." The five experts include a psychotherapist, a banker, a Navy chaplain, a sexologist, and a divorce attorney. Each one focuses on aspects of marriage and divorce to be considered, especially before the final break-up occurs.

The book primarily contains the pieces written by the specialists. The specialists are:

Daniel B. Smith is a bank executive with Republic Bank in Michigan. His perspective on how money affects a marriage has been gained from decades of helping couples re-mortgage their houses to divide assets in divorces.
Commander Bobbitti May, U.S. Navy chaplain, North Carolina. Commander May sheds light on the spiritual aspects of marriage, taking an ecumenical approach to a subject that many couples struggle with.
Dr. Patti Britton, sex coach and clinical sexologist in California. Dr. Britton coaches couples on how to overcome the sexual challenges they may face.
John Hunt, a Las Vegas attorney who specializes in family law. His straight talk warns couples what they will face if they decide to divorce. He gives practical advice on how to reduce the legal pain as much as possible.

Cynthia Cooper herself is the psychotherapist who writes about the emotional and mental aspects of marriage and divorce.

Overall the book is an argument for the preservation of the marriage. It employs teaching tools and techniques, such as worksheets, to aid in quantifying the marriage and why two people married and what could keep them together.

The book also looks at the practical aspects, such as issues that cause stress and eventually break-ups in a marriage. These include financial issues and sexual issues. Obviously the couple needs to be in agreement and in communication on these two vital issues.

John Hunt takes the reader on a trip to divorce court and the ramifications that has.

Commander Bobbitti May is a Naval chaplain and, I am sure, has seen the stresses in marriage from a stressful situation in life--military life and its uncertainties (and loneliness as a spouse is called into active duty). These experiences certainly give Commander May a qualified voice to speak on the issue, especially the spiritual nature of the marriage. I enjoy the exercises the commander uses with people.

Quotes from people about marriage are also included. Not just quotes from successful marriages, but even people whose marriages didnt succeed and reflect on their failures and rue their divorces are included. It gives the reader a sense of, You arent the only ones with these issues and troubles. I also like the worksheets and workouts to help the couple identify issues and where work needs to begin and be done to save or improve the marriage.

For further reading the writers list other resources readers can consult as they work on their marriages. My favorite is the eponymous The Good Vibrations Guide to Sex by Cathy Winks and Anne Semans. But there are other resources to pursue, depending on the work that needs to be done. Married couples hopefully take this cue to further explore their needs and strengthen their weaknesses.

Couples can use this book to improve their marriage. It can also be used for marriage enrichment seminars and pre-marital counseling. Perhaps a PowerPoint presentation can be made to go along with the book for use in seminars.

Overall an excellent book to help couples survive stresses on their marriages.

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