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by Jay Bonansinga
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Reviewed by: Luke Croll

Charlotte Vickers is a psychic who helps the police in missing person cases. Most of the people turn up dead, so that is why Charlotte is reluctant to help a woman who turns up on her doorstep, wanting to find her vanished boyfriend.

However, when Charlotte discovers that the boyfriend is alive, well and happily married, she thinks there is no cause to intervene. However, things turn nasty. The man in question is in the Witness Protection Program and there is a contract out on his life.

Charlotte flees across the country to save his life and her own, all the time with a gang of killers on her back. Can her psychic gifts save her?

After the excellence of his two previous novels, 'The Killer's Game' and 'Head Case', I was again expecting a brilliant novel from Bonansinga. However, things seemed to have a bit wrong in this book and it was just an average story. Out of all the characters, the only one that I thought was particularly deep was Junior, who Bonansinga spent a lot of time on. However, he was not in the book that much and the characters that should have been developed, such as Lattamore or Charlotte, were not.

It's a book with a reasonably fast pace and is enjoyable. However, many of the ideas have been done before - a person in the Witness Protection Program being tracked down. If you liked Bonansinga's previous novels, you will like this but it is not as good as his others. As for the genre, it does not really bring anything new.

Enjoyable, readable, but average.

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