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Little Green Frogs (Fold Out and Find Out)
by Frances Barry
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Reviewed by: John L. Hoh, Jr.

We often have an image of what a book looks like. Usually they are bound and we read from front to back, left to right. Unless I'm reading my Hebrew bible, when I read from back to front and right to left.

This book is different. Pages are glued in an arrangement that has the reader open the pages into a "flower" arrangement (or lily pad). The book is called a "Fold Out and Find Out" book.

This book tells the tale of frogs from hatching as tadpoles until they grow to be frogs. Simple rhyming poetry helps the child remember the biological adventure of the early frog.

No age range was given, but the book can be read to smaller children. It is good for an advanced beginning reader (late first grade, second grade).

Purchase Little Green Frogs (Fold Out and Find Out) from

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