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Marvel Adventures Spider-Man Vol. 2: Power Struggle
by Sean McKeever
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Reviewed by: Celina Cuadro

After introducing a slew of super villains in volume 1, Marvel Adventures Spider-Man Volume 2: Power Struggle shows everybody's favorite webcrawler pitted against the likes of Electro, the Sandman, the Vulture, Kraven the Hunter and the Scorpion. Violence is pretty toned down, the witty banter keep things fast and light, and Spider-Man's moral compass stays straight and true for good, which is always a good thing for kids to remember at the end of the day.

I am happy to see that an industry giant like Marvel Comics is now tooling its vast wealth of adventure stories for young children in this Marvel Adventures series. Unlike traditional comic books whose stories span across several issues, each Marvel Adventures comic digest is a standalone story, designed for children with the reading level of 9-12 years old. Marvel rates the comic books 'for all ages': the 8 year-old in our house has been devouring everything in the series we can find for him, so I would say younger children who have comparable reading skills can get in on the action, too!

Purchase Marvel Adventures Spider-Man Vol. 2: Power Struggle from

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