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Marvel Adventures Hulk Volume 3: Strongest One There Is
by Paul Benjamin , Steve Scott
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Reviewed by: Celina Cuadro

Marvel Comics is now tooling its vast wealth of adventure stories for young children in a series called Marvel Adventures. Unlike traditional comic books whose stories span across several issues, each Marvel Adventures comic book is a stand-alone story, designed for children with the reading level of 9-12 years old. This third volume is currently the last of the Hulk series for Marvel Adventures so far.

Hulk is introduced to a bunch of other strong men in the Marvel world: Dr. Leonard 'Doc' Samson; the Juggernaut Cain Marko; and Ben Grimm, Fantastic Four's Thing. Each one starts out trying to help Dr. Bruce Banner, only to betray him in the end or deny him a cure that could help him control the Hulk. This volume wraps up by introducing the Champion of the Universe, who claims to be the strongest man ever, and who captures and fights Doc Samson, Juggernaut, the Thing, and the Hulk to prove his strength. The stories are filled with 'Hulk smash!' action, and I especially enjoyed the Juggernaut story because the author included what the Hulk was thinking while inside Dr. Banner, which makes for a funny counterpoint to the trials poor Dr. Banner faced.

Marvel labels the comic books 'for all ages', and since the 8 year-old in our house has been devouring everything in the series we can find for him, I would say younger children who have appropriate reading skills can get in on the action, too! Recommended even for reluctant readers--parents interested in sparking a passion for reading in young minds would do well to look into the many stories made for this series.

Purchase Marvel Adventures Hulk Volume 3: Strongest One There Is from

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