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Hope For the Flowers
by Trina Paulus
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Reviewed by: James Serendip

Hope for the Flowers is "a tale partly about life, partly about revolution and lots about hope for adults and others (including caterpillars who can read)." It is also a story about facing fear of the unknown and personal changes, about ambition, about meaning and yes, about hope. This is another one of those books that is likely to take on a magical, if whimsical, significance in your life. It is a book that is best not to buy for yourself, but if no one has given it to you as a gift and you have never read it, you must do so, then give it to someone you care about. Three copies have already passed through my hands, and I still have one.

This book can be read in about ten minutes, and the format is certainly that of a "children's book", with full page pictures and only a paragraph or two of text per page. The message, however, is ageless, and perhaps more significant to those caterpillars who have been playing the game, "climbing" for a while, than to the littler crawlers.

It is the story of Stripe and Yellow, two brave caterpillars seeking "more" from life. It is a love story for modern times and a valuable life lesson told in the basic language of fable. There is a tone to Hope For The Flowers reminiscent of childhood in a way that is almost creepy. It makes me feel sensations that have otherwise all but passed from memory -- sensations of confusion and fear as well as contentedness and simple joy.

I write this as one believer to all the other potential butterflies out there... Hope For The Flowers is a must read and a must pass on. I rate it a 9 because it is too small and contained to be thoroughly life-altering, but it has helped me through more than a few dark times to regain my balance and direction, and has reminded me in what I thought were good times to keep track of my perspective, because caterpillar pillars are all around us.

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