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The Mystery at Marlatt Manor
by Anne McGee
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Reviewed by: Peggy Tibbetts

When thirteen-year old Mallory Gilmartin moves to the weird little town of Cedar Creek she thinks her life has ended. But living in the old Marlatt cottage under the shadow of the Marlatt Manor proves to be anything but dull. Definitely weird - but not dull. Mallory is lured into the mansion's baffling secret. Whatever happened to Violet Marlatt? While she uncovers the events of the past, she is haunted by strange dreams and the figure of a young girl. On top of that, the town is home to an unusual assortment of suspects, including Mallory's Grandma Aggie, who seems to know everything about everyone. As the new girl in town, Mallory must sift through the likes of nerdy Kyle, know-it-all Renée, Edna May the surly librarian, Artemis Wurley the shady real estate agent, Roger Dunslop the uptight banker, Albert Hampton the crabby caretaker, and the guy in the maroon-colored sports car, in order to sort out friend from foe. Anne McGee has created a solid page-turner reminiscent of Phyllis A. Whitney's mysteries. Middle grade readers - boys and girls alike - will enjoy unraveling The Mystery at Marlatt Manor with Mallory.

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