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Drive By Theology
by Todd Friel , R.W. Glenn
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Reviewed by: John L. Hoh, Jr.

This audio book bills itself as part of the "Talk the Walk Series". Yet it's called a "drive by." Go figure.

This audio book contains 48 lessons or lectures - take your pick. The liner notes say "lessons" but the voices say "lectures". These lesson-lectures cover the major divisions of systematic theology, why we study systematic theology, and the principle of hermeneutics. The 48 lesson-lectures cover:

  • Hermaneutics (interpretation)
  • Theology (the study of God)
  • Anthropology (the study of mankind)
  • Christology (the study of the person and nature of Christ)
  • Soterology (the study of salvation)
  • Ecclesiology (the study of the Church)
  • Eschatology (the study of the end times).

The format is akin to "Click and Clack" on National Public Radio (NPR). Todd Friel hosts the lesson-lectures and is assisted by R. W. Glenn (also known as "Pastor Smarty Pants"). Friel tosses out softball questions about theology, which are answered and expanded by Pastor Glenn. When a concept or word comes up that may be a challenge to those who never sat in a seminary classroom, Friel asks what that term means. This is not to say Friel plays a "dumb" role. His knowledge of systematic theology is very evident as the lesson-lectures go along. Friel also offers some off-beat humor to add levity to the situation.

The lesson-lectures average about 16 minutes. Ideally these are timed for the average commute to and from work. I suspect they also work well as a Bible study or personal study on theology. The listener should come away with a broader knowledge of systematic theology and its role in the Church.

The lesson-lectures are for the most part devoid of denominational bias. In some places I did detect a Reformed bias, but overall the principle of systematic theology and the various studies of theology is presented in a scholarly manner with some humor to keep things interesting. Down-to-earth explanations and illustrations make the concepts available to the average lay person. Yet because this CD deals with theological issues this audio book demands a bit more concentration that Drive By Church History demanded.

My review copy included 10 CD-ROMS with the 48 lesson-lectures. An 11th disk features the same content in MP3 format.

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