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Purchase Rubber Shoes: A Lesson in Gratitude / Los zapatos de goma: una lección de gratitud from

Rubber Shoes: A Lesson in Gratitude / Los zapatos de goma: una lección de gratitud
by Gladys Elizabeth Barbieri , Lina Safar
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Reviewed by: John L. Hoh, Jr.

This book teaches about gratitude. Gladys Elizabeth is going with her mother to buy new shoes (zapatos nuevos). Oh, what shoes does a girl dream of getting? Gladys Elizabeth dreams of white or black shoes like her friends have. Or maybe even red shoes like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz!

When the two arrive at the shoe store (zapatería), Gladys Elizabeth sees ballerina shoes. Oh, those are the shoes she wants! Alas, mother (mamá) says they are too expensive. Instead mother buys shoes that are on sale. These are rubber shoes. These are ugly shoes!

Thus begins Gladys Elizabeth's attempt to destroy these dreaded shoes. She avoids her friends because she is embarrassed by her new shoes. She tries different things, such as getting them dirty with mud, having her sister run over them with her bike, rubs them on a sidewalk, even throws them over the fence and claim she lost them (the neighbor returned them). This is a one week attempt, but Gladys Elizabeth gets "time outs" and soon gives up trying. The time outs were not Gladys Elizabeth's cup of tea.

But at the end of the week the shoes are too small for Gladys Elizabeth. So Gladys Elizabeth and mama set out for the shoe store again. But rather than stop at the shoe store, mama walks on with Gladys Elizabeth. This is bewildering to the young lady. But soon they arrive at the home of an even smaller girl with ragged clothes. When mama hands the girl the rubber shoes, the younger girl is excited and happy. This is a lesson for Gladys Elizabeth. When they do go back to the shoe store (zapatería) Gladys Elizabeth is happy to accept whatever shoes mama buys her.

By looking at the title, and some Spanish words I tossed into this review, you probably concluded this book is bilingual. It is, both English followed by Spanish. It is a good teaching book not only about gratitude but to teach another language. And the child can learn the names of the days of the week as well! No age range is given, but a parent can read it to a child who doesn't know how to read.

Purchase Rubber Shoes: A Lesson in Gratitude / Los zapatos de goma: una lección de gratitud from

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