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Little Lamb's Bible
by Various Authors
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Reviewed by: John L. Hoh, Jr.

Zondervan has issued two children's Bible story books. One has a furry lion on the cover. The other has a wooly lamb. The selection of stories in each differs slightly.

This book contains the following Bible stories:
"God's Wonderful Work" (Creation)
"God's Friend Noah"
"Baby Moses in a Boat"
"David Fights a Giant"
"The Lord is With Me" (The Good Shepherd Psalm)
"God's Greatest Gift" (Christmas)
"A Prayer" (Lord's Prayer)
"The Real Neighbor" (The Good Samaritan)
"Jesus Opens Heaven's Doors"

Each story has eight rhyming lines. Children love poetry so this helps them remember the very basics. The stories that are shared with Little Lion's Bible are the same verse as appear in this bible book.

No age range is given.

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