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Lost Trail: Nine Days Alone in the Wilderness
by Donn Fendler , Lynn Plourde, Ben Bishop
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Reviewed by: John L. Hoh, Jr.

Donn Fendler, the author, is famous. Or so I'm told. In 1939 as a twelve-year-old boy he went hiking up Mount Katahdin in Maine with his father, brothers, and friends. He ran ahead with a friend. His father told him to stay with the friend, but when a storm came up and clouds reduced visibility, Donn became scared. His friend said "Stay" but Donn wanted to find his father. Alas, he couldn't find his father and when he tried to retrace his steps he couldn't locate his friend, either. He ended up straying far from both and then walking in circles. He had a few close calls, once almost falling into a crevice and another time sliding precipitously down shale. This slide would rip his shoes to shreds and cut up his feet. It took Donn nine days to find another person to get help.

This book is a graphic book format as remembered by Donn. The book is sectioned off by days. Each day is introduced by the newspaper headline of that day (related to the search for Donn). What Donn remembers of each day is then told. As the days go along Donn remembers fewer details.

As Donn looks for help he remembers his Boy Scout lessons. If he finds a stream, follow its flow and it will lead to a river, which leads to people. He remembers which berries are good to eat and which are edible. He remembers that striking two iron objects together create sparks that can start a fire. Of course he realizes later that he can see sparks inside a dark cabin but not out in the daylight, otherwise he wouldn't have given up the attempt.

The saga of Donn Fendler was shared in a book entitled Lost on a Mountain in Maine. Donn Fendler went on to serve his nation in the military. Today he speaks to schools and Boy Scout troops.

The back of the book has questions and answers that give more details about Donn's ordeal. This is a book for every boy to read.

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